If you are planning to appear in UPSC CSE Examinations, then the preparation
goes beyond just studying the syllabus. The most coveted examinations need a
well-planned strategy if you are serious about cracking them and entering into
most prestigious government services. Mentally preparing yourself and
understanding the syllabus well to appearing in the examination is a long
and very decisive process. If you do not have proper guidance to start with here
we are giving some essential tips to get into the right kind of preparation.

1- Right Motivation: Get the motivation from the right people in the right manner.
Abhijeet Nikam of UPSC Guide an e-learning platform for UPSC aspirants says that
get the motivation from achievers themselves. On our Instagram handle, we bring
in people who have cracked the examination with flying colors, they give live
motivation and guidance on their live chats.

2- Know the syllabus: It is essential to understand the entire syllabus thoroughly,
including all the terms for each paper. For preparations, the syllabus is like the Bible which you have to keep in mind all the time. This will help you understand the extent
and level of preparations and you can keep a check on the much necessary line of
action at each stage of preparation.

3- Make timetable, Ones you know the syllabus prepare a well-defined timetable
and set the target to complete the syllabus with proper planning and within the stipulated time limit for each part of the syllabus. A structured time-bound study is essential for preparations of UPSC. Prepare for prelims mains and Interview from day 1
itself. Your timetable should be decided in such a way that you practice all these 3
things from the very beginning

4- Coaching/No coaching Most of the aspirants do not have proper guidance
available to them. Keeping in consider of success rate which is not even 1petcent
of the total number of candidates appearing in the examinations it is always advisable
that you get into right kind of coaching, but Abhijeet Nikam, founder of UPSC
Guide e-learning platform for UPSC aspirants says that there are a plethora of
institutes opened up in the name of UPSC Coaching which is expensive and some of them misguide you on the name of preparations. Moreover, they are cost and
time-consuming. So you can go to one of the good online tutoring providers. But
one must take care before enrolling that the quality of learning materials they are
providing must be of great quality.

5- Follow the achievers, It is always good to be in touch with people who have
already achieved success. To get the guidance from them about preparations.
UPSC guide an Instagram handle of the UPSC Guide e-learning platform has more
than 350k followers most of them are UPSC aspirants and achievers.They
regularly have live sessions of guidance from these achievers on Instagram live to
provide the best guidance and motivation to aspirants.

6- Read News Paper To be updated about current affairs. One does not need to
mug up the entire newspaper but must be able to understand and analyze the news
about national and international importance. Special attention should be
given to news related to supreme Court judgment, policy decisions, and world
news. Avoid political, crime-related and other useless news articles.

7- Books and Study material Read ncert books of high school thoroughly for
elementary knowledge of history geography polity and environment. For
preparations of your main subject, it is always advisable to take the guidance of
experts from your subject before buying any books or study materials. They are in
the right position to guide you about which would be the best books for preparing for
UPSC prelims and mains exams for your subject

8- Practice writing Even if you have in-depth knowledge of subjects and topics
and not able to put them properly in writing all your efforts will go futile. Writing
effortlessly and impactfully is a very essential part of UPSC examinations. Your
writing skills will be put on check-in essay writing and Mains examinations. How
much to write on a particular topic to cover it being just apt is again an important
thing to know which you will master with practice only

9- Revision and mock tests Ones you have got into the right kind of reading strategy
and set your goals properly for UPSC preparations the next step is to revise
whatever you are studying. Regular revisions are extremely important as
the curriculum is vast. If you do not plan your revisions properly 90% chances
are there that you will not be able to recall things at the time of examinations
in spite of studying well. Mock tests regularly are also very important.
Abhijeet Nikam of Nikam Education OPC Pvt LTD says we provide series of mock

test regularly on our platform. Candidates can take these mock tests on their own
time convenience.,

10- stop worrying too much and appear with confidence Since you have been
preparing properly everything according to plan, stop worrying too much
because UPSC CSE is also an examination which you have to face with confidence,
Because ultimately what will matter is how confidently you can put in all
the efforts you have done so far on the answer sheet. And yes do remember that
War might be a day but warriors are not made in a day. You already have put in all
you efforts preparing and being there all you need now is the implementation
with confidence and the right strategy.