Renowned Oman based author Rajan V Kokkuri has announced the launch of his new book titled “I Remain Forever Yours”.

The book is based on a triangular love story involving suspense, surprise, secret love, and other exciting twists and turns.
The story revolves around three protagonists – Kavya, an orphaned girl, her boyfriend Vipin, and a famous writer, Shekar. In this story, we will come across how Kavya discovers some events about her past, and she becomes inquisitive to find her roots.

During this process and her journey to Houston, she meets the famous writer Shekar. Shekar had lots of struggles in his past life and lives in isolation after an unsuccessful married life. The story is short and inspiring. The protagonist, Kavya, is depicted as an understanding young person who is anxious to discover lost associations. Every reader may find the plot is passionate and touching.
“Kavya would like to unite the family again. Will she be successful?”

The book is now available on Amazon and Flipkart

“I am pleased to see the encouraging response of the book from my esteemed reviewers and book critics,” says Rajan. “The story begins at an International Boarding School in Ooty. This story has all the points that attract the user to read this book. It also displays the situation of Teenage Love, Surprises, Disappointments, Anxious, Secrets, Love and Romance”, says Rajan. Rajan has the opinion that many readers may find themselves in the story, and this could well be made into an excellent Romantic South Indian Movie.

Rajan has published 1st short story during March 2019 in Kindle and received huge support from his well-wishers. Rajan has many accolades to his credit. Kokkuri accepted the challenge of writing the prerequisite of a short story within a thousand words by a leading UK based blog, Worthingflash.
Rajan is a vivid traveler, and Tripadvisor has placed Kokkuri among the top 10% travel review writers in Oman. Kokkuri’s travel has more than 9000 readers from across the world.

Some Readers share their reviews:-

“I really loved Rajan’s new book “

“This book is just so awesome! All suspense makes it more interesting.”

”While reading this book, you will never feel bored as in every page you gonna feel something exciting, says Ayesha.

“It is evident that the author wants to reach out to his audience with emotions and feelings.”, says Chitra Iyer, Book Vue in her book review.
This being your first book deserves a good appreciation, and I have no hesitations to shower it on you, says Rammohan Varrier, Mumbai.

Book is so exciting it was a repeat read says, Muralidharan K.V., Chelakkara.

Lovely romantic storybook. It is well written, and that kept me engaged from start to finish.

I really liked this book says Sukanya Roy, ISB, Mohali.

Nice narration says, Advocate Kusalan, Ottapalam.