Grand Celebration in Berlin on 20th Anniversary of Urdu Anjuman

Berlin: During my 54 years stay in Berlin I have not come across such an interest among the local people in any Asian language as they shown in Urdu on 18th September 2016, when the 20th Anniversary of Urdu Anjuman Berlin was celebrated in Berlin. Not only the Indian and Pakistani Urdu loving artists and other people but large number of Germans, and other nationals gathered at a building called „Palace“ in Berlin- Schoeneberg.

The Guests of Honour in the function were poet Mr. Sagar Tripathi from Mumbai and poet Mr. Shams Faridi from Jamshedpur, who were received very warmly by the audience.

Conducting the programme young student Mrs. Jaria Khwaja invited Mr. Arif Naqvi President Urdu Anjuman Berlin to welcome the guests.

Arif Naqvi greeted the participants and introduced the foreign guests. He said that Urdu is in blood of Mr. Sagar Tripathi. He has written 17 books in Urdu, which include 11 collections of Ghazels containing several thousand Ghazels. Moreover he has written two thousand dohas, numerous qataat and Rubais and two hundred Naats and has received numerous important awards all over India.

Mr. Shams Faridi of Jamshedpur is also a very mature senior poet, known for his excellent poetry all over India and has published several books. This was the third time that he was attending the functions of Urdu Anjuman.

Informing about the international importance of Urdu language and literature Arif Naqvi said that the Urdu Anjuman was formed in 1996. The first major function of the Urdu Anjuman was Yad-e Ghalib. During 20 years it has organised international functions on Kaifi Azmi, Sajjad Zaheer, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Israr-ul HaqMajaz, Firaq Gorakhpuri, Bahadur Shah Zafar, Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, Krishan Chandar, Ehtesham Husain, Saadat hasan Manto, Ehsan Danish, K.M. Ashraf and other well known writers and Urdu Scholars. Urdu Anjuman has organised dramas on stage and conducted several international seminars. This year in May the Urdu Anjuman was invited to Lucknow to take part with a delegation in an International Urdu Conference organised by the Lucknow writers in cooperation with Maulana Azad Institute Mahmudabad, Urdu Department of Lucknow University, Urdu Anjuman Berlin and numerous literary and academic institutions of Lucknow. The conference was held on 2nd and 3rd May 2016 in Malaviya Hall of Lucknow University. U.P. Governor Mr. Ram Naik inaugurated it, while the Vice Chancellor Prof. Nimse presided over the function. The main organiser was Dr. Ammar Rizvi. Urdu Anjuman took part with a four member delegation.

Naqvi informed that scholars and writers from German, Persian, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Bulgarian and other languages also enjoy Urdu in our functions. Our association is a non commercial, non political, non religious body . All Urdu loving people irrespective of religion, casete, nationality are welcomed in our functions who like healthy, humanist, progressive Urdu literature promoting love and brotherhood among the people.

Welcoming the foreign guests and the audience Anwar Zaheer presented a short documentary film base on photos of the 20 years journey of Urdu Anjuman Berlin.

After this Arif Naqvi invited the guest poets Mr. Sagar Tripathi, Mr. Shams Faridi and among local people Mr. Tariq Mahmood, Ishrat Moin Seema and Anwar zaheer for a Panel Dischussion on „International Imprtance of Urdu, Problems of Promotion of Urdu in Europe and our responsibilities“

Mr. Sagar Tripathi explained in details the international importance of Urdu. He said Urdu language has grown from mixture of many Indian dialects and several foreign languages which has made it a beautiful and sweet language. He has been to Saudi Arab, Dubai, Iraq and many other countries all over the world and presented his poetry. Every where his Urdu poetry was extremely appreciated. He claimed that Urdu is not a language of one religion or community. It is a universal language – a language of all.

Mr. Shams Faridi of Jamshedpur stressed on the international importance of Urdu and informed about the work being done for promotion of this language in Jamshedpur and other parts of India.

Ishrat Moin Seema informed the condition of Urdu in academic institutions of Germany. While Anwar zaheer informed about the importance of Urdu translation in the present situation of Germany.

Three books were released on this occasion: Arif Naqvi's short story collection „Soo-e Firdaus-e Zameen“ (Urdu), Ishrat Moin Seema's short story collection „Girdab aur kinara“ (Urdu) and Sushila Sharma/Haque's book of Hindi translations of an Urdu poet Rashi Khan.

Founding members of Urdu Anjuman were also honoured in the function by Mr. Arif Naqvi founding President of the Urdu Anjuman Berlin. Prof. Bettina Robotka, who later went to Karachi as a professor, Mrs. Kishwar Mustafa, who later shifted to Cologne (Koeln) as an Editor of Broadcasting Service Deutsche Welle and is now setteld in Bonn as Head of the Urdu Department of Deutsche Welle, Mr. Nasir Ali Khan, who unfortunately died a year ago, Mr. Fazal Akhtar and Mr. Mustain Khan were honoured with Award of Honour of Urdu Anjuman Berlin. Also Mr. Uwe Feilbach General Secretary of Urdu Anjuman was honoured for his long services in Urdu Anjuman and for promotion of Urdu language and literature.

In the second round after the tea interval, Mr. Onkar Sharma appreciated Humour in Urdu literature and narrated few Urdu jokes.

Conducting the Mushaira Mrs. Ishrat Moin Seema invited the president of Mushaira a local poet Mr. Hanif Tamanna and the guest poets Mr. Sagar Tripathi and Mr. Shams Faridi on stage. Apart from the guest poets Mr. Sagar Tripathi and Mr. Shams Faridi, Mr. Arif naqvi, Mr. Hanif Tamanna, Dr. Ishrat Moin Seema, Bulgarian poetess Mrs. Vania, Hindi poetess, Mrs. Sushila Sharma/Haque, Mr. Anwar Zaheer Rahber, Mrs. Nargis Jonitza (German), young Urdu poetess Mrs. Priyanka and others recited ghazels and nazms.

The function was concluded with an excellent performace of singer Mr. Tajammul accompanied by tabla player Mr. Asif Khan. Singing the ghazals of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ahmad Faraz and other poets. Singing in classical Indian Ragas and enchanting the audience for more than half an hour.
Finally the Vice President of Anjuman Mr. Anwar Zaheer thanked the guests and the function ended at 9.30 P.M. after five and half hours.