SHIKSHA Initiative, a program by Shiv Nadar Foundation, inaugurated its 3-day State Level Training of Trainers on ICT-based Teaching Methodology in Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Pawan Sachan, SCERT, UP, inaugurated the event and highlighted the positive impact of ICT in classrooms, improving reading and writing skills, and enhancing students’ retention. He emphasized that ICT is no longer an optional but essential in enriching teaching styles. Over 15,000 schools in Uttar Pradesh already have IT hardware installed and are utilizing it effectively.

Mr. Pranjal Baruah, IT Lead of SHIKSHA Initiative, stated that ICT is bringing about beneficial changes in various sectors, including health, livelihood, farming, and industries. It is also revolutionizing education, especially in concept retention at the elementary level. Mr. Robin Sarkar, Director of SHIKSHA Initiative, expressed the program’s decade-long commitment to improving education quality in Uttar Pradesh, with support from the Government. The Shiksha Initiative’s goal is to reach schools in even the remotest districts, providing quality education to numerous students.

Mr. Mayank Sinha, Associate General Manager expressed gratitude and highlighted their efforts to enhance student learning through ICT content in Uttar Pradesh. He urged the participating DIET Lecturers, SRGs, and DC Trainings to become torchbearers of ICT-based teaching in their districts, transforming classroom education in primary schools.

The training follows a cascading model, aiming to empower teachers at three levels. In Level-1 (State Level), one DIET lecturer, SRG, and DC Training from 21 selected districts will be empowered. In Level-2 (District Level), the master trainers from Level-1 will lead in empowering ARPs and Quality Coordinators. In Level-3, ARPs and Quality Coordinators will train teachers in Government Primary Schools.

Preeti Sharma, Academic Lead of SHIKSHA Initiative, highlighted the manifold benefits of this training mode.