Music, art and culture have never been slave to boundaries of any nation. We have often seen musicians of different countries and cultures coming together to create perfect blend of music with different flavours. This musical cocktail has not only been a treat to the music lovers but it has also played an important role in bringing people of different nationalities together and promoting love and peace. Bollywood music industry is no exception to this. It has got some of the most talented singers and musicians giving significant contribution in the music across the globe.

Bollywood singers have never been alone in the path of creating deep and meaningful music. We have often seen collaboration of various national and international artists to prepare a musical cocktail which is a treat to the ears of music lovers across the globe. Renowned international artists such as Akon, Kylie Minoogue and The Vamps have not only dipped their toes in the pool of Indian music but also have come up with music with great flavours and varieties as a result of the collaboration with Indian artists.

India has always been global in its approach both culturally and politically.This time some of our desi rappers are going to be a part of what could be called as the mother of all collaborations. Reportedly biggest names in international hip hop and Rap scene like Eminem, Cardi B and Drake are coming together to create a song.

This time they are joining hands to create a song which will address climate change taking place on earth. According to sources Indian rappers Badshah and Royal Munda OJ are all set to create history as they have been contacted to be a part of this collaboration.
Badshah is an Indian rapper who needs no introduction. In a very short time he has gained a lot of success and popularity with his excellent rapping skills.

Royal Munda OJ has also been contacted to be a part of this amazing collaboration. Though he is a new face in Indian music industry but he has already tasted the flavour of success and popularity with his debut song Munda Roya Hai. His rapping skills and ability to create good music are enticing the music fans across the length and breadth of the nation. He is all set to touch new heights of success in both national and international music world.

According to sources even though OJ does not have any official invitation for the collaboration in hand, nonetheless he is very excited for the upcoming collaboration. He is a big fan of Eminem and consider him as his idol. Creating a rap song with him is like a dream come true and he is looking forward to it. He believes many great artists are involved in creating this song which will address climate change and Indian contribution will give a new perspective to the entire project.

It will be interesting for our readers to know that Royal Munda OJ has gained a lot of success and popularity right after his debut singing assignment and many big music labels and film production companies are contacting him for work. If sources are to be believed then he has also been invited at Indian reality show Big Boss 13 as a wild card entry. Though the singer wishes to be selective in his work and looking for big and meaningful projects. He does not want to limit himself to Indian boundaries and earn name and fame on the international stage.
According to Royal Munda OJ, rap music is a powerful tool and rappers across the globe have big responsibility over their shoulders. They should not waste their time and talent I creating something which is meaningless and do not enrich minds and culture of the nation. On the contrary they should write meaningful rap songs and give new direction and perspective to the youth of the nation.

He believes this new collaboration will successfully handle the serious issue of climate change, make people aware and inspire them to take definite steps towards the solution to the problem

Oj has recently launched his own production house where he plans to churn out quality songs. OJ has also shared that he is eager to find fresh talent from the country and work with them.