Smart ITcentre to announce the launch of newly designed software as a service. As the name suggest VisitorCheck.In is a Digital Visitor Book for all kinds of organisations be it an SMB, MSME or Large Corporates and Enterprises.

It is observed in at least 99 of 100 companies across the world that people are filling paper log registers at the security desks and receptions and some even have a set of two registers to enter the belongings a user carries along with him or her. Our goal with this new designed service is to create a user-friendly experiencefor our visitors that are of various kinds like, visitors could be coming for interviews or business as usual and also key customers for the organisations and valued guests but one thing is certain, that the visitor only comes with prior intimation and permission else he is an unwanted visitor that is not appreciated.

Sneha Thadhani, founder of VisitorCheck.In said “VisitorCheck.In is a 3-factor authentication system where the pre-registeredvisitor is validated by onetime password generated on their mobile phone that he could keep handy and share it while showing his proof of identity at the security desk. Once the security desk receives a mail approvalon the console from an employee, a Visitor ID could be issued thus making the whole experience fast and secure”.

The VisitorCheck.In dashboard provides information about how many pre-registered visitors are going to visit the premises,what is the objective of their visit and how many visitors are in the premise on each day. They can also push emergency alerts if required in case of any evacuations.

The VisitorCheck.In is high on compliance and provides your visitors with readable terms, and conditions and an 'Opt-In' tick box’, allowing the visitor to agree andreceive further communications. Furthermore, the visitors should agree to the company privacy & visitor policy before ‘signing-in’.

Sneha Thadhani, founder of VisitorCheck.In also said “Visitor books contain personal data and if this information goes missing, you will be dealing with a data breach (which can be particularly costly in terms of fines). GDPR requires you to secure and protect personal information and visitor books are one big list of personal information that could be abused”