Bangalore: UX design agency Redd Experience Design has launched Redd Bricks (beta), a project tracking and communication application for real-estate developers, builders, contractors, architects and others in the construction industry. This path-breaking innovation is a first-of-its-kind initiative by any UX design start-up offering services to the real estate sector. The app will help service providers in the segment gain an edge over their competition by integrating their customers and simplifying the decision-making process, thereby speeding up overall construction, enabling on-time delivery and maintaining their brand promise.

Speaking about this, Mr. Sharan Grandigae, CEO, Redd Experience Design, said: “At Redd, we firmly believe that meeting business objectives is the core purpose of UX design. Redd Bricks is born out of this philosophy and solves the problems faced by businesses due to poor communication in the construction industry. We observed construction projects closely and designed a solution that is aimed specifically at ironing out the issues in this field and for Indian conditions. Redd Bricks is not only easy to use for tracking projects, but also convenient to explain to team members within minutes and all this while it cuts down on the number of phone calls. Home buyers are also brought into the same app so they can not only stay updated but also make customisation decisions quickly. All in all, Redd Bricks aims to speed up construction, and in a field where managing finances is key, this can have a huge impact on profitability.”

Redd Bricks’ timeline view uses an interface that is familiar to users and allows builders to set, view, modify, update and share updates of a project with everyone or just those that need it. It brings all coworkers onto the same page and helps them to keep track of deadlines, allows chats for communication and does so without the need to share contact information ahead of time. It maintains customer and user privacy as their details are never exposed to anyone. It creates a task list and tracks team performance and helps to identify bottlenecks to head off problems proactively.